Gamla, Oslo, October 24th 2009

Here's a link to video of the ultimate honour - Steve Rothery joining us for Sugar Mice

John Dee, Oslo, January 24th 2009

As some of you may have spotted, we had a film crew at this gig - this was to make a DVD for our own purposes but we have put some of the tracks up on YouTube - currently the whole of the pre-show:

Gamla, Oslo, February 16th 2008

Okay, so here's your first offering from the Web Scandinavia Script 25th Anniversary Party. Unfortunately we weren't able to set up an atmosphere microphone, so the recording doesn't do proper justice to the rousing singing from those in front of the stage - but I'm sure some of you had the sore throats on Sunday to prove it!

He Knows You Know (8.1 MB)

Okay, here's another couple - these run into one another (shame you can't hear the audience sing "I just want to be free", 'cos they did it particularly well!

Jigsaw (9.5 MB)

Blind Curve (15.3 MB)

We're thinking we might let those of you who want it have the entire, warts 'n all soundboard recording of this gig - we'll see :)

Oh, and I've started doing them in 192kb/s instead of 128 - if you feel this makes the files too big, let me know.

Gamla, Oslo, March 24th 2006

On Jan 22nd, 2006, I got a text from Mr Amundsen - ever the smooth-talker, it goes like this (yes, Ludo, I kept it! :D ):

"Yo Harding, ye old tosser! Happy new year! How's life and when will we play again?? El Ludo"

I finally got around to sending him a mail about ten days later and he reminded me Octo was on sabbatical for the year. We'd been trying previously to organise some joint gigs in Holland but it hadn't come off. Then I remembered that Ade Holmes, Skyline Drifters drummer, was working in Stavanger 'til the end of March and a plan started to come together.

It nearly all fell apart when I had a really bad paragliding accident on March 11th, so whilst Ludo, Jany and Visitor practiced with Ade the following weekend, unbeknowst to them I was actually lying in a bed in the Bristol Royal Infirmary! The Friday night, after I finally had the operation to repair (as much as possible) my smashed wrist, I lay in that bed singing Marillion songs to myself, determined I was going to make the gigs! I got a doctor friend of mine to sign me off the next day as fit to fly, made it back home to Holland on the Tuesday and hobbled my way through Schiphol again on the Thursday to get the flight to Gardemoen. Moving around Oslo, still covered in snow, was a tad perilous with one arm weighed down by a plaster cast that had plaster of paris underneath and then a modern cast on top of that (!) and a leg that was itself bad enough that I wasn't able to run on it again until mid-June - and the five of us had never played a note together before Gamla soundcheck. All things considered, I reckon these snippets from the gig ain't too bad :)

Script for a Jester's Tear (9.6 MB)

Sugar Mice (5.9 MB)

Runaway (4.8 MB)

Incubus (8.1 MB)
(You'll have to provide the very end to this one yourselves as the CD ran out!)

Gamla, Oslo, May 27th 2005

I've finally got round to sorting out some MP3s from the first gig I sang with Misplaced Neighbourhood, back when I was just a guest.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by both the hospitality, cameraderie and musicianship of the band and their friends and the warmest of responses from the audience at the 2005 gigs. My write-up of the weekend is here.

The soundboard CDs from this gig aren't quite as good as those from this year but a tweak of the EQ and a bit of compression tidies them up enough to put them online (I think!):

Assassing (5.6 MB)
(A few first track sound problems on this one)

Kayleigh (3.8 MB)
(The dedication is to Mark Wilkinson's daughter)

Heart of Lothian (3.6 MB)

Warm Wet Circles (4.3 MB)

Blind Curve (10.2 MB)
(Read a bit more about this one a couple of paragraphs below... I can still see the belts flying on-stage now!)

Forgotten Sons (10.1 MB)
(If the bass sounds a bit strange towards the end, Ludo's doing a manful job considering he broke his E string in the middle of the song!)

Hooks In You (2.8 MB)

Radio Tango / He Knows You Know

At the end of May 2005, Rich Harding from the British Marillion tribute band Skyline Drifters hooked up with MN for ONE rehearsal before the gig at Gamla in Oslo, and the second gig in Holmsbu. He even did a radio interview with rock-radio “Radio Tango” in Oslo, supplied with Misplaced’s version of “He Knows You Know”.

Click here to listen.

Blind Curve

As a thank you to our fantastic stand-in for Petter, Rich Harding from British Marillion tribute Skyline Drifters, we'll give you this recording from Gamla 2005. It was the first time we played Blind Curve live, and the audience went completely nuts. Especially our firends from The Web Scandinavia, who promised to masturbate simultaniously if we ever played it live. You can hear Rich encourage them when the band comes in full: "Web Scandinavia, it's masturbation time". And then belts came flying on stage...
This one's for you, Rich.

Petter, Ørjan, Ludo, Jany and Octo

Click here to listen (10.2 MB)