The Midsummer Cucumber Massacre, John Dee, Oslo, June 23rd/24th '07

We were hugely privileged to bookend Marillion's Rockefeller Oslo gig by playing a short pre-show and a an almost full after-show party in the John Dee venue of the same complex.

Massive thanks to Ingrid Aarnes for taking these photos.

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The Midsummer Cucumber Massacre, pre-show
I am no longer the assistant ;)
Orjan mid-solo at John Dee
Rich and Ludo cunningly hiding Octo and Jany whilst Orjan solos ;)
Jany disappears in a supernova behind Orjan and Ludo
Look, we're not intentionally hiding the drummer and keyboard player, honest - if you look really carefully, you can see Jany's shirt *and* a whole drumstick!
Talk to me, won't you tell me your stories
Octo took this from the drum stool towards the end of the gig - if you look carefully... ;)
Octo helpfully points out the imposter in the after-show photo ;)
Dannet med Rich's Typing and HTML Skills 1.0 ;)