The Midsummer Cucumber Massacre, John Dee, Oslo, June 23rd/24th '07

At least two other English people flew from The Netherlands to Oslo for the gig - Nick and Sue Askew. Nick is an excellent photographer and jolly decent chap who I bump into at a lot of gigs these days and he took a large number of photos of ourselves, Gazpacho and Marillion that night.

Thanks as ever to Nick for allowing us to use his photos - there is a slightly bigger selection on Nick's own site, here, along with a huge selection of Marillion and other photos, which are well worth a visit.

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Here's one I broke earlier
He Knows He Knows but always has one cue sheet
Five senses down and reeling
The prince still holds both the slippers
Welcome back to the circus
Brett and the Misplaced keyboard stands
Yes, I love this earring but could someone please find me a decent new one
Footlights dim in reverence
Leading actor of yesteryear
We've played this scene before
One fine guitarist
Finally, after a seemingly eternal wait, someone has taken a photo of Octo!!
After Gazpacho and Marillion, it's back downstairs for part two...
You'd look serious if one false keystroke made you sound like a helicopter
This is now Ludo's third gig of the evening
This love, this blind blood diamond
We're all Market Square Heroes
Dannet med Rich's Typing and HTML Skills 1.0 ;)