Misplaced Neighbourhood with Nick Jones, August 2007

Thanks as ever to Ingrid Aarnes for the photos; the later ones are mine - if you have gig photos from Brumunddal, do get in touch!

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Okay, we got one with the whole band in, so it goes first :)
Nick will be very pleased with the Peart stare in the background
Ninja Rich leaves Bride unimpressed
Much easier to take good photos when not all the lights are red
Not a bad little stage at Maiden though
Ludo with Nick and Jany in the background
'The bassist was on fire that night'
Mellow Visitor
There were also strobes ;)
Fortunately, Rich didn't notice the spike in his head until after the gig
Ludo and Jany
It seems like I've been here before (aka 'Spot the Lyric')
Was it something I didn't say, or was it something I said?
Nick and Jany not posing at all before going to Brumunddal
Ludo chills out on his balcony
Nick setting up at Dirty Nelly's
Yep, I've got loads of room, thanks
Watch where you're pointing that thing!
So, all of those things there, have to go on this thing here...
Dannet med Rich's Typing and HTML Skills 1.0 ;)