Name: Jan Magne Bjelland

Instrument: Keyboards
Favourite musician: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theather), Mark Kelly
Favourite Monty Python line: There are some who call me...Tim
Favourite MN moment: Our friend Morten's 40th birthday in Holmsbu
Other bands/ projects: Mayah (Rich says: "This stuff's really cool!!")
"Taksi, take of and landing", Peptalk
Finest concert memory:
Favourite record:The Human Equation, Ayreon
Favourite movie: Star wars
Favourite book: Fiffi & Foffo
Favourite M song: Easter
Favourite country: Greece

Roland RD 700 Stagepiano
Korg Trinity 61
Korg M1
Korg Micro X
Yamaha XS 6
Yamaha DX 100 Fun-Synth
Roland S10 Fun-sampler

SKG Flightcases

Quicklock og Euromet hardware
Shure E2C-headset

220 Volts, and a shitload of cables