Forthcoming Gigs

Ladies and Gentlemen, we're back!

September 16th 2017 Nidelven, Trondheim

Fan Reactions

"I have to confess that Misplaced Neighbourhood made the whole thing for me! They played nearly 2 hours of Fish Era Marillion. I also have to confess to bouncing up and down on the dancefloor quite a bit! Thank you Misplaced Neighbourhood."

"Misplaced Neighborhood were brilliant! They really rocked the place and the crowd was in top form as well!"

"Meanwhile, in front of the stage, it's 1982 and the band are finishing up with a belting version of Market Square Heroes. It can't be over so soon, can it?"

Gig history

The Web Scandinavia present a Misplaced Neighbourhood tribute to Script for a Jester's Tear
October 3rd 2014 Gamla, Oslo
with Steve Rothery, Simon Rogers and Trond Gjellum
January 11th/12th 2013 Gamla, Oslo
with Steve Rothery
April 20th 2012 Gamla, Oslo
November 21st 2009 Loftet Scene, Askøy
November 20th 2009 Rick's, Bergen
November 19th 2009 Rush Nattklubb, Stavanger
October 24th 2009 Gamla, Oslo
featuring a guest appearance from Steve Rothery (on Sugar Mice)
January 24th 2009 John Dee, Oslo
April 19th 2008 Bokken, Ålgård
April 18th 2008 Flytten, Haugesund
February 16th 2008 Gamla, Oslo
August 3rd 2007 Dirty Nelly's, Brumunddal
(with Nick Jones)
August 2nd 2007 Maiden, Oslo
(with Nick Jones)
June 23rd 2007 John Dee, Oslo
February 3rd 2007 Marillion Convention, Nederland
(Los Trios Misplacos)
March 25th 2006 Tribute, Sandnes
(with Rich Harding & Adrian Holmes)
March 24th 2006 Gamla, Oslo
(with Rich Harding & Adrian Holmes)
September 10th 2005 Sake, Trondheim
September 9th 2005 Hell Blues Festival, Hell
May 28th 2005 Private party - Holmsbu
(with Rich Harding)
May 28th 2005 Acoustic set Holmsbu Spa Hotel
(Lobby, with Rich Harding))
May 27th 2005 Gamla, Oslo
(With Rich Harding)
January 21st 2005 Gamla, Oslo
September 11th 2004 Sake, Trondheim
July 3rd 2004 Privaten, Holmsbu
(Sold out!)
July 3rd 2004 Acoustic set, Holmsbu Spa Hotel
July 2nd 2004 Gamla, Oslo
January 21st 2004 Gamla, Oslo
October 11th 2003 Amatøren, Oslo
(Marillion Fan club convention)
June 21st 2003 Pakkhuset, Farsund