2017 - And We're Back In The Room!

Well, at Nidelven in Trondheim, actually, for our first gig with the full line-up since January 2013. Of course that means we're very much looking forward to this, and currently unable to pare down the tracks we know into a setlist, because there are just too many great songs to choose from. Naturally, as ever, we'll be majoring on the period up to 1987 but, well, you never know with us - not least because we have the "Confuse-A-Crowd" tradition to keep up with!

2013 - Misplaced Rotherhood!

Well, as the many of you who were there will know, last April's "Return Of Rich" gig was fabulous and I'd particularly like to thank everyone who bought my parents drinks and generally treated them as guests of honour. We have another most honourable guest coming to Gamla Christiania on Friday, January 11th - Steve Rothery will be playing several tracks with us at a gig organised by The Web Scandinavia! My main band, Also Eden, will be supporting on the evening. The following day, Steve will be giving a guitar clinic, followed by some acoustic sets by Misplaced and Also Eden. He will also be displaying some of his "Postcards From The Road" photography. !! IMPORTANT - THIS IS NOW ALSO TAKING PLACE AT GAMLA AND IS FREE !! See you there!

If you still don't have a ticket for Friday, they're selling fast, so Buy One!.

2012 Plans

Hello all you lovely people and welcome back to the wonderful world of Misplaced Neighbourhood! We're delighted to be returning to our "spiritual home" - Gamla in Oslo - in April, and we'll be booking some UK dates as soon as we know how the rest of the year fits together. Watch this space!

2010 UK Mini-Tour

Hi everyone, and let me tell you the exciting news - Misplaced Neighbourhood are coming to the UK!! We're playing at least two - and probably three - gigs over the weekend of October 22nd/23rd/24th. The Friday 22nd October gig is at The Agincourt, in Camberley, Surrey; then on the Saturday we're sorting out a gig with Leatherat, which will be in the Banbury/Stratford area; finally we'll be at The Box Club in Crewe, on Sunday, October 24th.

We're all really up for this mini-tour - the guys have wanted to come and play in the UK for a long time - and look forward to seeing you :)

2009 Gigs - Updated 04/11/09

Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a great evening at Gamla on October 24th - well, 25th, actually! Particularly special thanks to Steve Rothery, of course!

This month, November, we're playing three gigs in Western Norway, in new venues - indeed new towns - for us. The first is at Rush Nattklubb in Stavanger, on Thursday, November 19th, whilst the second is at Rick's in Bergen, on Friday, November 20th. We have now also added a show at Loftet Scene in Askøy, 15 minutes outside Bergen, on the Saturday (we don't have a web link for that, I'm afraid).

Feb 23rd, 2008

Well, that was an absolute blast at Gamla last Saturday - thanks very much to The Web Scandinavia for promoting the gig, also to VG, who even put us on their homepage, and of course last but never least to those of you in front of the stage who make such a fantastic noise :)

The gigs in Western Norway in April are now confirmed, at Flytten in Haugesund on Friday 18th April and Bokken, Ålgård, with Jany's 80s/90s rock covers band, Smooth Criminals, the day after. Links here.


Feb 14th, 2008

Firstly, a happy Valentine's Day to all our readers :) We're very much looking forward to Saturday at Gamla and VG have done us proud again with this banner on their forums:

Misplaced Neighbourhood, Gamla, Oslo, Feb 16th

Also on the VG site, Octo has been writing a blog - check it out.

The gigs in Western Norway in April are starting to firm up - more news with confirmed details shortly, we hope. But for now - ow - ow, see you on Saturday!


Dec 3rd, 2007

Blimey, it's a long time since I updated this news page! Righty-ho, me hearties, well, the John Dee gig was rather spiffing good fun, as were the ones in August with Nick (who loves Norway so much he's been back four times since) at Maiden and in Brummundal.

We did try and sort out some gigs in Ireland in November but it got too tight for the travel costs to work out; hopefully we'll sort it in 2008. Also hopefully on the cards are some gigs in the Stavanger area in the Spring. But right now, we're looking forward to Gamla (Gamle Christiania) on Saturday, February 16th, where The Web Scandinavia have invited us to play at a celebration of the 25th anniversary of possibly the best debut album ever, Script for a Jester's Tear. Full details coming on the Web Scandinavia website shortly. See you there!


Apr 26th, 2007

Okay, so now we can tell you - on the evening of the Marillion gig at Rockefeller, June 23rd, Misplaced Neighbourhood will be playing both before and after the main gig, in John Dee which is in the same complex as the main venue. Entrance to our gig will be free for those with a ticket to the Marillion gig. Needless to say, this is going to be one hell of a party! We'll be playing a short set before the Marillion show and afterwards we have another hour or so scheduled - but if you want to keep on partying longer than that, I'm sure we'll be open to persuasion! (The venue won't kick us out until *very* late, er, early.)

Full info: here

Thanks to Terje and The Web Scandinavia for organising this - and to Lucy for saying "Yes"!


Apr 20th, 2007

As promised below (sorry for the delay!) we're now able to confirm two gigs this summer, with another couple in the pipeline. The first one we can confirm is at Maiden in Oslo, on Thursday 2nd August (this is a pre-opening gig for the Subtacto prog festival), with another the following night at Dirty Nelly's in Brumunddal. We hope to also have another gig on the Saturday so keep your eyes peeled.

We'll have another English interloper on the drum stool for these gigs, as Octo unfortunately can't make them :( Coming over from Bristol will be Nick Jones, a very good friend of Rich's for the last nineteen years (hell, is it really that long?!?!). Nick and Rich have played in several bands together, from acid rockers the Allnight Chemists, to one-night arthouse proggers, Zeptepi, to the eclectic (and on one occasion, unfeasibly drunk) Codename O.W.L. A real student of the drumkit (as well as playing superb Irish fiddle, amongst other instrumental talents), Nick's main current band is notorious Clash tribute London Calling.

But never fear, we can't tell you about it quite yet, but very shortly we'll have an announcement about where, even before August, you can see all five of the Neighbours on stage together - we can't wait to all get up and belt out the Marillion songs you know and love together, and when you hear about it, you won't want to wait either!! :D

Oh, and Los Trios Misplacos made the latest edition of The Web Holland magazine too...


Sep 19th, 2006

The band are currently working on a three night "tour" of East Norway in August next year. We're nearly there an a Thursday gig early August. Just Friday and Saturday to go but we'll get there...

Mark Wilkinson will be doing some artwork for the band. His schedule is quite full but he has agreed to do some work in the near future. Watch this space for more info...


July 23rd, 2006

We're sad to report that singer and frontman Petter Selliseth has left Misplaced neighbourhood.
Petter came to the band at a time of nearly a complete split, is leaving because he doesn't feel he is the right man for the job. And with so much work and so little play, Petter needed to go his own way.
We are sad to see Petter leave, and want to thank him for all the work he put into the two years he was with us. Petter and Octo will most likely be seen and heard playing together in other projects in the future.

Not surprisingly, Petter's replacement will be british singer Rich Harding, joining us on a permanent basis. Rich has played with the band on two occasions, is already a close friend of the band and will be joining us live from now on. Next gigs are being planned and will take place sometime in the first half of 2007. There are some surprises underway for next year, so keep watching this space...

So again, a BIG thank you to Petter. You've helped make MN a better band. We are forever grateful.

Octo, Jany, Ludo and Visitor

June 01, 2006

We are on the world wide web !!!!